All sighthounds (greyhounds, borzoi, whippets, & italian greyhounds) welcome!




About me:

My name is Traci and greyhounds (and other sighthounds such as whippets) have become a huge part of my life over the past several years.  I love to spread the word to others about how greyt of pets that they are. 

Once one of these wonderful creatures becomes a part of your family, you may not want to leave them but things come up... business trips, vacations, etc.  That's where Greyt Getaway can help!  If you are going out of town and you need a greyt place for your sighthound to stay, let Greyt Getaway be their "vacation home" while you are away!


What you can expect while your hound is here:

I keep the dogs crated or gated in the "dog room" if I need to leave the house (depends on each dog and what they are used to).  We go outside 5 to 6 times a day.  Most potty breaks are done in the sand lot.  All dogs have to be muzzled to run the big yard and we only run the big yard if it is not wet or dark outside.  We go down to the basement for all potty breaks - one set of french doors opens to the sand lot and another set of french doors opens to the big yard.  The basement is unfinished and used as the "clean up area" where I wipe the dogs' feet before coming back upstairs.  If your grey is not used to stairs, I don't mind teaching them.  I have fosters in and out of my home and I am used to teaching them the stairs if this is something they aren't used to.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to ask... email me at or you can contact me through the CONTACT ME page on this website.


Check out the SERVICES page to see what Greyt Getaway can provide for your hound!